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Cellini Gallery

Cellini Gallery, A Little Bit Of History.

In 1960 The Cellini Gallery was born, a small artisan reality, situated in pompei, near the Archeological Are. As the years went by the small studio grew more and more, ’till it became leader in the sector of Coral and Cameo-Making.

This, thanks to the fantasy and craft of its engraves, but also thanks to a touristic flow in steady rise, sensitive to the marvels of history and the handcrafts. “We are specialized in Coral and Cameo-making, following the ancient Greek-Roman traditions.

Our Cameos

Our Camoes are handmade engraves shells that, thanks to their stratified structure, aloow to vary the levels of profundity and make real minature bas-relifies.

For our creations we are various kinds of shells; for example some of the most precious shells are the African Cassin Madagascarensis, Rufa and Curnuta. They are characterized by their two clearly distinguishable, coloured that allow to isolate the figure in rilief.

Our Corals

The Corals, already appreciated in thge past are meravellus. Cellini Gallery produces some maravellus corals usingth ered coral of Mediterraean, with thin bfranches, and the coral of the Pacific Ocean, of varied colours and with bigger branches. The techniques have remained unchanged during the centuries, from the choice of thr branches, to the engraving, up to the finishing.